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PAHA News Worthy!!!

2022-2023 Big congratulations to our very own U10AA for taking 2nd place in their first season of CSDHL. We couldn’t be any more proud of these young athletes!!! The future looks fantastic!!

U10 CSDHL 2nd place!!!

U10 CSDHL 2nd place!!!!!

2121 Sports Skate Sharpening

If you need your skates sharpened contact 2121 Sports out of Pekin. You will not be disappointed. A couple of the services they offer are skate sharpening which is $7.00. It is professional skate sharpening using the Maximum Edge 7 step process. Rivet replacement on hockey skates is a $1.00 - $2.00 per rivet. They also offer profiling and replacement steel for Bauer skates size 6 and up. They sell Howie's hockey tape, skate guards, and laces as well.  Contact Dan Englebright at 309-241-0712 for your skate care needs.