Standards of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy

All Pekin players, coaches, parents, Board members and other members of the organization are expected to act in a responsible, respectful and professional manner, both on the ice and off the ice.In addition, Pekin players are expected to follow all team rules and their coaches’ instructions.

11.1 Zero Tolerance Rule (PAHA Rules & Regulations)

Physical abuse, verbal abuse or threats in any forms shall not be directed to any on ice or off ice officials, rink staff, tournament officials, players, coaches, parents or fans. This includes, but is not limited to, shouting at referees, insulting opposing team players or taunting opposing team parents. In general, any conduct that is not suitable for an amateur athletic event is strictly prohibited. The "zero tolerance" rule applies to all coaches, players, fans, parents or other individuals associated with Pekin. It includes acts performed at any time before, during, or after a game. Conduct inside or outside of not only Pekin arena, but any arena our teams are visiting, are covered by the rule.

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